Approved Riders (for Picnic Races)

Approved Riders ride in races at Picnic race meetings.

They also may ride in Country and Provincial barrier trials.

Picnic races were once known as Amateur races. The weight scale in picnic race meetings is higher than professional races,  in picnic race meeting with the Picnic limit weight set at 62kg in NSW.

Whilst picnic race meetings are run in a more relaxed atmosphere, the Rules of Racing that relate to Jockeys apply fully to Approved Riders.

Early in their career, Approved Riders can claim a weight allowance against their more experienced rivals. This is a similar concept to Apprentice Jockeys claiming a weight allowance in Professional races against Senior Jockeys.
Unless otherwise provided in the conditions of the race, Approved Riders may claim an allowance on the following scale

If he or she has not ridden more than 5 winners : 3kg
If he or she has ridden 5 winners but has not ridden 10 winners: 2kg
If he or she has ridden 10 or more winners: no claim

How do you qualify to become an Approved Rider?
To ensure the appropriate conduct and safety of Picnic race meetings, Approved Riders are required to satisfactorily complete the Approved Rider Skill Set (a subset of Cert IV Jockey) and be assessed as competent in jump-outs and barrier trials prior to being licensed and competing in picnic races within NSW.

For Further information in regard to the application process to become an Approved Rider

Approved Rider renewals

Approved Rider licences expire on the 30th June each year. Renewal application forms and medicals are sent to all Approved Riders in early May.
To renew a licence an Approved Rider is required to;
– Complete and submit a licence renewal form
– Pay the prescribed fee
– Undertake an examination with a General Medical Practitioner (GP) and submit the completed examination form.

Forms are available on the links below:

– Application/Renewal for Approved Rider’s Licence
– Medical

Approved Riders are reminded that they must answer all questions in regard to their personal history and that special care should be taken to ensure that question 20 (on the medical) which refers to any Medicines, Drugs, Tablets or injections that they are currently taking (if any) is completed accurately.

Approved Riders who are taking medication are requested to read the following notice and comply with the provisions outlined should they apply.

Notice regarding medications

If you have any questions contact Racing NSW Licensing Department:
p: 02 9551 7500 | e: