Jockeys Benefit & Welfare Scheme

The Jockeys Benefit Scheme Trust is a public charitable trust founded by RACING NSW in February 2011 for the purpose of providing funds and other benefits to jockeys in necessitous circumstances. Benefits are available for the relief of financial difficulties and needs of New South Wales and ACT jockeys (including apprentice jockeys) and their families, especially where such needs arise through the serious injury, illness or death of a jockey.

The activities of the Jockeys Benefit Scheme Trust are conducted under the name NSW JOCKEYS TRUST.

The Trust has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity and a deductible gift recipient.

Collaboration with the National Jockeys Trust

The NSW JOCKEYS TRUST also supports the fundraising initiatives of the National Jockeys Trust in New South Wales.

The NSW JOCKEYS TRUST is intended to replicate the functions of the National Jockeys Trust at a State (NSW and ACT) level.

To learn more about the National Jockeys Trust and its role in helping injured and ill, current and former jockeys, go to


To be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the NSW JOCKEYS TRUST, you must be:
a current jockey or apprentice jockey licensed in NSW or the ACT;
a retired jockey or apprentice jockey formerly licensed in NSW or the ACT;
a family member or dependant of a current or former jockey or apprentice jockey licensed in NSW or the ACT;

“Necessitous circumstances” refers to financial need.
– involves some level of poverty (ie. financial distress or hardship, but not necessarily homelessness or bankruptcy);
– does not mean just being without luxuries or being unable to continue to live a lifestyle which you can no longer afford.

If you have any questions contact Jonathon Pitt:
p: 02 9551 7500 | fax: 02 9551 7501 | e:

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