Worker’s Compensation & Other Insurances

Racing New South Wales is a licensed Specialised Insurer within the New South Wales workers compensation jurisdiction. Jockeys, including apprentices and approved riders, who are injured while riding in a race, barrier trial or trackwork at a New South Wales racetrack are entitled to the full range of workers compensation entitlements prescribed under NSW workers compensation legislation. Cover is also extended to jockeys injured while riding at a meeting conducted the Canberra Race Club at Thoroughbred Park. Jockeys injured in these circumstances are deemed to be workers of the race club or association conducting the meeting.
Notification of injury should be given as soon as possible to the race club secretary and to Racing NSW. In the event of lost time and/or medical treatment a workers compensation claim should be particularised and lodged promptly with Racing NSW. Claim forms can be downloaded from the Racing NSW website. In the event of serious injury notification and lodgement of claims might be made by others on the injured jockey’s behalf.
Upon receipt of a claim, a case manager will be allocated to your claim who will contact you within 3 business days to discuss the matter, request any further necessary information and explain the claims and injury management process to you. Liability will usually be determined within 7 days of notification and you will be advised accordingly. Racing NSW workers compensation liability includes meeting wage loss due to incapacity (subject to statutory capping) and medical and related expenses. Your case manager will fully inform you of the range of benefits applicable in your specific circumstances.
If you have any questions contact Racing NSW Insurance Fund:
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What do you need to do if you are injured? You should notify the race Club Secretary, your employer and Racing NSW as soon as possible.

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– Employees Report of Injury

Personal Accident, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Racing Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Jockeys’ Association and the Principal Racing Authorities, on behalf of all licensed jockeys and apprentices, a personal accident insurance plan and Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance for Jockeys and Apprentices.

The Jockeys Association carefully scrutinise the policies to obtain the best possible coverage for rides at a reasonable rate.

There is no charge to Jockeys and Apprentices. The total premium cost for all policies is paid by Racing NSW from the 1% of prizemoney deduction, granted by Racing Australia on behalf of the industry, to Jockey Welfare programs.

You may like additional Personal Accident coverage, for a monthly fee, that provides higher rates than the standard payment.

If you have any questions contact the NSW Jockeys Association:
p: (02) 0430 211 098 |e: